Two important things in business are time management and appearance. Keeping these both under control and presenting your best foot forward can still take up a lot of your valuable time.


When it comes to maintaining your office and building needs, don’t let it steal your time. At Clean & Crisp we want your company to thrive because you are able spend your time strategically doing what makes your Company prosper, not on environmental distractions and so-called “menial”, yet vital, tasks.

Our Focus

At Clean & Crisp we help many companies thrive with a clean and well maintained work and customer service environment. We love to help businesses focus on their own specialties, not cleaning. We focus on what we do best, so that you can focus on what you do best. When you are ready for things to be maintained to the highest quality, giving you time to keep on growing the bottom line, we are here to serve you.


Give us a call for an estimate and let us efficiently take care of the needs of your office or facilities. As an Alaskan owned company, we stake our reputation on assisting our Alaskan friends and neighbors in business to look great and succeed. A great work and service environment facilitates a strategic and prosperous bottom line for you.

Let us introduce you a new level of quality services for all your employees and customers to enjoy.


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